The most modern orthodontic braces made to highest aesthetic standard and an excellent team with many years of experience are here to ensure a smile you have always dreamed of.

Irregular teeth position is not just an aesthetic, but a health problem that can impair smile and facial aesthetics, as well as disrupt the chewing system. This is why the main goal of orthodontics is the correction of painful states and disruptions in the chewing system while enhancing the facial aesthetics. A beautiful and healthy smile in all stages of growth and development. Solve your problems caused by irregular teeth position, regardless of age.

Use all the advantages of orthodontic therapy and enjoy your brand new smile!

Orthodontic therapy with mobile and fixed braces lessens the risk of muscle and joint pain, wear and load on the teeth, occurrence of decay on hard to reach places and gum recession. The goal is to set the teeth in the best possible position, achieving a harmony of teeth and jaw. Correct teeth positioning is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also helps you retain chewing system, jaw joint and the surrounding tissue health.

Before the therapy a clinical examination is performed, imprints and photographs are taken, models and x-ray images analyzed, and the therapy plan is formed. The duration of therapy depends on the particular case, as well as patient cooperation (taking care of braces, correct oral hygiene, and regular checkups).

Orthodontics for children

Create your own mobile braces!

Dental medicine Rogoznica takes care of your healty and beautiful smile in each stage of growth and development. First visit to the orthodontist should be at the age of seven, as the best time for treating certain anomalies is between the ages of nine and twelve.

The best option for our youngest patients is usually a therapy with mobile or fixed braces, primarily used to correct the upper to lower jaw ratio. Braces are either monomaxillar (for upper or lower jaw) or bimaxillar (for upper and lower jaw). Patient can take them out of the mouth and place them back at will. They consist of acrillic base, labial bow, retention elements and, if needed, a screw that is turned every 7 or 14 days, depending on the orthodontist’s instruction.

To make the therapy successful, braces should be worn at least 14 hours per day, with examinations every 8-10 weeks.

Mobile braces are used in the first phase of orthodontic therapy. After permanent teeth grow out fully, if needed, therapy is continued with fixed braces.

As the primary function of mobile braces is to correct the jaw ratio, and not teeth, mobile braces are given exclusively to children, often in the first stage of therapy. After growth and development are completed, therapy always includes fixed braces.

Instructions for wearing mobile braces

During placement and removal of braces, they should be held by wire clasps on the side or rear, never by labial bow (the wire passing over front teeth).


Do not eat with mobile braces on. Remove them from your mouth before each meal.


Regular oral hygiene is necessary. Braces should be washed each day with a brush and toothpaste and kept in the provided box when not worn.

Damaged braces

Braces can get broken or damaged. Orthodontist should be visited as soon as possible in such cases.


Regular checkups each 8-10 weeks are recommended. The success of the treatment depends on child’s cooperation, discipline, and the engagement of parents.

Orthodontics for adults

For a beautiful smile at any age

Regardless of age, teeth position can be corrected. Modern orthodontic braces fulfill the highest aesthetic standard and are barely visible. Correct therapy can enhance the quality of life and lessen the risk of muscle and joint pain, wear and load on the teeth, decay and gum recession. Correction of innate dental anomalies gives you the correct bite, affecting the facial aesthetics and health of the chewing system. Correcting teeth position means having healthier mouth, prettier smile and teeth.

Based on the imprints, photographs and detailed model and x-ray image analysis, the plan for therapy is formed.

Fixed orthodontic braces work by applying light biological forces. They move the teeth inside physiological boundaries toward the position determined in advance. Placement procedure lasts 45 minutes and is completely painless. Depending on the anomaly type, age and regularity of checkups, therapy can last 18 +/- 6 months. After it is completed, retainer is required – a special type of mobile braces that holds the teeth in correct position.

Instructions for wearing fixed braces


Hard, chewy or sticky food should not be consumed. Food should be cut into small pieces and chewed with rear teeth, never bitten off with front teeth. Do not drink very hot or very cold beverages.


Hygiene should be flawless, especially before going to bed, so that food remains and bacteria do not cause gum inflammation or decay. Main task of every orthodontic patient is to correctly and thoroughly brush their teeth after each meal, and the use of oral hygiene products on braces daily. Many products are available for cleaning the space between teeth, around the braces’ brackets, below the bow or around the gums. Our experts with individual iTOP training for oral prophylactics can help you choose the right oral hygiene set.

Each of our private patients that chooses orthodontic therapy gets a set for oral hygiene and a reserve set of brackets for fixed braces, to help him or her have beautiful and healthy teeth, with no decay or gum disease.

Damaged braces

Braces’ brackets or bands can sometimes fall off, and bow can break. Contact your orthodontist in such cases.


Treatment success depends on patient doctor cooperation, as well as patient’s readiness to accept the prescribed therapy. Regular checkups every 6-8 weeks are recommended.


For a completely successful therapy

Orthodontic retainers can be mobile or fixed. Mobile ones can be taken out of the mouth, while fixed ones are permanently cemented in the oral cavity. They are necessary to retain the therapeutic effect after orthodontic therapy, while bones and tissue around teeth stabilize in the desired position.

Wearing retainer is completely painless. For the first two months mobile retainer should be worn 24 hours a day (taken out only during meals). Regular checkups are scheduled every 2-3 months, especially during the first year after the removal of fixed braces.

Instructions for retainer use


Retainer should be removed during meals. You can drink without removing the retainer.


Regular and correct hygiene with maintenance of the retainer is recommended. Retainer can be cleaned with a brush and should only be placed in clean mouth. While removed, should be kept in a suitable plastic box.

Damaged retainer

Certain bits of the retainer can get damaged with use. Visit your orthodontist in such cases.


Regular checkups should be scheduled every 2-3 months, especially in the first year after removing braces.

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