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We believe that everyone deserves a beautiful and healthy smile. This is why all our work is done with the highest quality materials, making them durable, functional and up to highest aesthetic standard. We pay attention to details, and take pride in meticulous planning and execution of each phase of therapy.

The number of our happy patients shows that the quality of our work is recognized. This motivates us to achieve even more in all areas of dental medicine, by continuously improving and gaining new experiences.

Each of our offices is partnered with Croatian Health Insurance Fund to give our patients best prices for dental and orthodontic services.

Mr. sc. Jadranko Rogoznica and DMD Ana Slijepcevic offices accept cash payments or the following credit cards: Visa, Master, Maestro, and American Express.

Dental pathology

Dental pathology with periodontology and oral disease
Composite filling – single 250 kn
Composite filling – dual 300 kn
Composite filling – triple 350 kn
Amalgam filling 200 kn
Endodontic tooth treatment – by canal 150 kn
Canal filling revision 150 kn
Root canal treatment (single root) 300 kn
Root canal treatment (multiple root) 500 kn
Calculus cleaning and polishing 300 kn
Dental arch sandblasting 300 kn
„Zoom“ technology teeth whitening 2.500 kn

Dental prosthetics

Dental prosthetics
Temporary crown 100 kn
Composite upgrade 500 kn
Acryllic crown 500 kn
Facetted crown 800 kn
Metal-ceramic crown 1.200 kn
Non-metal ceramic crown (press ceramics) 2.200 kn
Zircon ceramic crown 2.500 kn
Telescope crown 2.000 kn
Veeners – by piece 2.200 kn
Inlay, onlay, overlay- ceramic 2.000 kn
New veneer – replacement 200 kn
Partial denture – acryllic 4.000 kn
Total denture- acryllic 4.500 kn
Cast upgrade 500 kn
Cast denture – metal 6.000 kn
Repair – lom and 1 element 250 kn
Repair – lom 1 and more elements 300 kn
Denture filling 300 kn
Slip-joint connection per piece 2.000 kn
Splint 2.000 kn

Oral surgery

Oral surgery
Single root tooth extraction 200 kn
Multi root tooth extraction 300 kn
Sinus lifting 4.500 kn
Apicotomy 750 kn
Frenulectomy 750 kn
Dental ridge equalization 750 kn
Surgical removal of teeth or roots (alveotomy) 750 kn
Therapy dolor post ex 500 kn
Artificial bone 1.000 kn


Implant with a crown (Bego) 7.500 kn
Implant with a crown (Nobel) 9.000 kn
All-on-4 cijena na upit
All-on-6 cijena na upit

Pedodontic dentistry

Pedodontic dentistry
Composite filling on a milk tooth 250 kn
Milk tooth healing 200 kn
Sealing of fissures 200 kn
Milk tooth extraction 200 kn
Teeth varnishing per jaw (teeth fluoridation) 200 kn





Specialist exam and consulting 200 kn
Imprints and model analysis 100 kn
LL analysis (x-ray) 100 kn
Headgear therapy 2.000 kn
Fixed denture removal per jaw 150 kn
Post denture removal polish per jaw 50 kn
1. retainer construction per jaw 800 kn
2. retainer construction per jaw 500 kn
Fixed retainer construction 500 kn
Orthodontic treatment control 200 kn
Orthodontic element readaptation 100 kn
Dental calculus cleaning 300 kn
Teeth sandblasting 300 kn
„Zoom“ technology teeth whitening 2.500 kn
Tray teeth whitening at home 500 kn
Mobile braces therapy:*
monomaxillar (per jaw) 2.000 kn
bimaxillar 4.000 kn
Mobile denture repair 250 kn
Fixed braces therapy per jaw:**
Metal brackets 6.000 kn
Aesthetic brackets 7.000 kn

*Therapy includes construction and placement of braces, detailed instructions on correct hygiene, and 18 months of control.

**Therapy includes placement of braces, detailed instructions on correct hygiene, all controls and readaptation of 2 brackets during therapy.

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