Pedodontic dentistry

Pedodontics, or dental medicine for children is a special branch of dentistry. Its main goal is prevention and oral health care for children. The complexity of approach and special methods reserved only for children guarantee we take special care for our youngest patients.

Main goal is to create a trusting relationship, to make the patient feel comfortable, relaxed, and safe and attain a positive attitude towards the clinic and the procedures themselves.

For a healthy smile from early age!

First visit

A visit to the dentist without fear

First visit to the dentist should happen before the age of three. This helps inform parents and children about the proper oral hygiene and prevents decay on deciduous (milk) teeth and later permanent teeth. Deciduous teeth health is very important as they safeguard the position permanent teeth will take, as well as guide their growth. Losing them too early can result in various orthodontic anomalies.

A positive experience during the first visit is of great importance. This is why we use it to let the little patients get to know the clinic and create a friendly relationship between them and the doctors. Then we educate the parents and children about the correct oral hygiene.

Cleaning and polishing teeth, fluoride treatments, prevention and healing are the foundations of pedodontics. They all ensure that kids have beautiful and healthy teeth.

Each of our brave patients will receive a toy, a diploma and a medal for bravery!

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