Absence of one or more teeth can impact facial aesthetics and cause health problems. Remaining teeth can lose their foundation and begin to shift, which can lead to their loss. Dental implants are a great solution if you wish to quickly, easily, and painlessly achieve a healthy and natural smile.

Implants are titanium screws surgically inserted into a jaw to imitate a root. After their placement, scar tissue will generally take up to three months to heal, after which superstructure (upper part of the implant) and a crown are affixed. Local anesthesia is applied during the procedure, which lasts around 30 minutes.

Easy, quick, and painless way to get that brand new smile!

Dental implants are considered the most successful method of teeth replacement today, with many advantages:

  • they feel like natural teeth – implants completely restore natural teeth function and act as a natural root
  • they attach to the jaw bone – making them more stable, comfortable and longer lasting than other restorative methods
  • they are made of biocompatible materials – body accepts them completely
  • they are extremely durable – with proper care and continued oral hygiene they last forever
  • they do not harm surrounding teeth – implant placement is a minimally invasive method, as the surrounding teeth remain intact. No need for filing, as is the case with dental bridge placement.
  • they preserve the natural bone and minimize further bone loss – one of the most important advantages over mobile prosthetics and dental bridges
  • they are stable and comfortable – there is no adjustment period after the placement procedure
  • the procedure is easy, painless and safe– done under local anesthesia and lasts just 30 minutes

We offer the following implant types:


One of the most successful companies, supplying over 40 countries all over the world. Top of the line BEGO implants are digitally made in Germany and give the best value for money.


Nobel Biocare is a global leader in aesthetic and innovative solutions for dental medicine. A leading dental supplies manufacturer, hugely popular for its Swiss quality built on 40 years of research by two innovators, Dr Matts Anderson and professor Per-Ingvar Branemark.

Nobel Biocare mission is to enhance the quality of life for patients by offering completely functional and innovative products and services, giving them a smile that lasts. Their greatest quality is innovation, product design and highest manufacturing quality standards.

Made entirely from titanium for durability and strength, they are known for extremely high success rate (99%) for placement.

A missing tooth?

Implant crown is the right solution!

Most patients do not consider the loss of one tooth a big issue, especially if it doesn’t happen in the lateral zone (teeth we show while laughing). But, a loss of one tooth greatly affects not only the positioning of the surrounding ones, but also those in the opposite jaw.

Upper and lower jaw are in constant contact, so a loss of one tooth makes the whole jaw adapt to fill in the space and support the chewing process. Eventually, this problem can lead to a loss of other teeth, as well as negatively affect the aesthetics of entire face.

Ideal candidates for a ceramic crown on an implant are patients missing one tooth, while the surrounding ones are healthy. Implant placement is the least invasive method in such cases, as there is no need to file the surrounding teeth, a procedure necessary in dental bridging. Superstructure with a ceramic crown can on average be affixed six to eight weeks after implant placement.

Several teeth are missing?

Implant bridge will make your life easier

If you are missing several teeth the ideal solution is implant bridge placement. Depending on the number of missing teeth, two or more implants will be needed, to serve as a base for prosthetics. Since implants are placed in the jaw bone, prosthetic work will be more stable, comfortable and longer lasting than other restorative methods.

A great advantage of this procedure is that it preserves surrounding healthy teeth, as, unlike with dental bridges, there is no filing required. Also, chewing and talking are not hindered in any way.

All your teeth are missing?

New set of teeth in one visit!


A solution for a fully toothless jaw, All-on-4® gives you fixed, functional and stable teeth in just one day! One of the biggest advantages is the improvement of the quality of life, as we use implants with a completely natural feel.

You will get substitute prosthetic teeth the very same day, letting you get back to everyday activities immediately. After a period of healing, final prosthetics are placed and cemented in the jaw.

Concept of the All-on-4® treatment is a strategically designed solution for toothless jaws. With only four dental implants you can solve the problem completely, regain confidence and go back to your usual activities without hindrance.


All-on-6 is a large scale fixed prosthetic work (bridge) held by six implants. Functionally and aesthetically this is an option that offers best quality, as it gives you a beautiful smile in a very short time! Following the same principle as All-on-4, the functional and aesthetic criteria of this method is very high. It allows freedom of talk and chewing that mobile dentures do not. It facilitates oral hygiene and gives you a beautiful smile quickly.

Several advantages of All-on-4 and All-on-6 methods:

  • shortened healing time
  • drastic improvement of the quality of life
  • a solution to problems that might arise with mobile dentures – no fear of your teeth slipping out during talking or chewing
  • a return of the natural facial appearance

Implant dentures

If you are used to your denture, but wish to enhance its stability, an implant denture is an ideal solution for you. Implants are placed in your jaw and are enhanced by special anchors which hold the denture in place. This procedure uses four implants in the upper jaw and only two in the lower jaw.

This kind of prosthetic work is much more stable, and gives a much greater sense of security than mobile dentures.

Course of the procedure

One visit to the clinic is enough for a new smile

Implant placement is a safe, quick and simple procedure, completed in a single visit. Let go of your fears and let our expert team, led by Dr Ivica Santic, transform your life in one day.

Before the surgery

Before implant placement, our surgeon will examine your particular situation in detail and decide if you fulfill the prerequisites for an implant placement procedure. After diagnostics (an analysis of dental x-rays, CT, examination of oral cavity and the state of the jaw bone), exact implant position will be determined. If the jaw bone is significantly reduced in size (due to missing teeth), bone reconstruction procedure might be needed before implant placement.

During surgery

Implant placement is done in our clinic in a single, 30 minutes long visit. Procedure is led by Dr Ivica Santic, DMD, spec. Oral surgery. The patient is locally anesthetized, making the procedure completely painless.

After surgery

Depending on your particular case, the dentist will either place a temporary crown, bridge, or just a small plastic ‘cap’ to protect the implant top, until it integrates with the jaw bone. Healing period generally lasts three months, after which the superstructure (upper part of the implant) is placed, as well as crown or a bridge. It is very important to allow the implant to fuse with the bone, which can last from 6 to 8 weeks.

After the procedure a minor bleeding and swelling is possible. It can be prevented or mitigated with cold compresses and a slightly raised sleeping position. Oral hygiene can be performed normally. It is advised to abstain from smoking for at least 24 hours after the procedure.

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