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Specijalistička ordinacija dentalne medicine za ortodonciju, dr. Antonija Lončar Rogoznica
Specialist dental medicine office for orthodontics

The most modern orthodontic equipment with highest aesthetic standards and expert team with years of experience will give you the smile you have always wanted.

Specialist dental medicine office for orthodontics of Dr Antonija Loncar Rogoznica will help solve the problems caused by irregular teeth positioning and achieve a healthy, beautiful smile, regardless of age.

If you would like to find the type of therapy best suited for your needs, arrange an appointment by mail alrogoznica@gmail.com or by phone +385 (0)1 37 58 969.

Office of dental medicine

Dr Ana Slijepcevic provides services in general, pedodontic and aesthetic dentistry in her dental medicine office. Dr Ana is a basic iTOP instructor for oral hygiene, always available to give you information about the correct way to maintain your oral health. Her experience comes from many years of working with patients, as well as numerous educational programs in Croatia and abroad.

This office, supervised by Dr Ivica Santic, oral surgery specialist, provides dental implantology and surgery services. Arrange an appointment by phone +385 (0)1 37 58 970 or by email dr.ana.slijepcevic@gmail.com

Ordinacija dentalne medicine, dr. Ana Slijepčević
Ordinacija dentalne medicine, dr. Jadranko Rogoznica
Office of dental medicine

Dr Jadranko Rogoznica takes care of health and beauty of your teeth. A specialist of dental prosthetics, an expert with many years of experience in restorative and aesthetic dental medicine. His office offers services of general dentistry, implantology, prosthetics and aesthetic dentistry. Achieve a beautiful smile in the relaxing ambiance of his office and let the expert leadership of Dr Rogoznica and his dental assistant Marcela take care of your dental needs.

Arrange an appointment by mail dr.jadranko.rogoznica@gmail.com or by phone +385 (0)1 37 56 973.


Your health and safety is paramount for us, so our sterilization, disinfection, and hygiene standards are set very high. This preserves the health of our patients and staff.

Except with items for one time use (suction pumps, glasses, gloves, masks, cotton rolls, anesthesia and root rinsing needles, bands, and polishing disks), each piece of our equipment undergoes a strict sterilization and disinfection process. Sterilization completely removes all traces of microorganisms form items, instruments and materials that come into contact with the patient.

Water inside the system is softened, purified and disinfected to make it safe for medical use. You can be certain that everything that comes in contact with your mouth is clean, disinfected and sterile.