General dentistry

The goal of every procedure is to retain teeth health and to renew teeth affected by tooth decay. Thanks to modern technology and methods, we are able to use minimally invasive techniques, allowing us to retain each healthy part of the tooth. The foundation of general dentistry are preventive procedures, diagnostics and recovery of both tooth trauma and decay lesions. Correct oral hygiene and preventive checkups form a solid foundation for good oral health.

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Aesthetic composite fillings

Beauty, health and functionality – all in one

Due to the high health and aesthetic demands, composite fillings have all but replaced amalgam fillings. They are recommended for cases that do not call for a major restoration of tooth tissue. A large choice of hues lets us achieve that natural look. Not only do they replace the removed parts of tooth, fillings serve different aesthetic purposes, such as changing the shape, color or size of teeth.

Dental calculus removal, polish and sandblasting

Make your teeth shiny again

Since plaque forms just 4 to 12 hours after brushing, it is extremely important to take good care of oral hygiene. This includes brushing, flossing and use of inter-dental toothbrush at least twice a day. Forming of dental calculus is impossible to prevent, but correct hygiene and regular dental checkups can keep it under control.

Since dental calculus contains a large number of bacteria that create various acids, gradual deterioration of tooth structure is possible. This leads to tooth decay. It is recommended to remove the plaque and calculus regularly, to prevent tooth decay, as well as serious gingivitis and periodontitis diseases, which can lead to tooth loss. After the removal of dental calculus, teeth polishing is highly recommended, to keep their surface smooth and less susceptible to forming new calculus sediments.

Sandblasting removes stains on teeth, which are the result of smoking, coffee, tea, and other food and beverages consumption. It is performed after calculus removal. It is absolutely painless, performed with pressurized micro-abrasive sand particles dissolved in water. They remove formed sediments and make teeth whiter, shinier, and smoother.


Healthy teeth from root to crown

Endodontic treatment is a complex micro-surgical procedure upon which the future of the tooth depends. Therapy is required in cases of pathologic processes reaching the tooth nerve. The cause lies usually in tooth decay. After destroying the protective enamel and dentin, decay spreads to tooth pulp inside endodontic space. Before treatment we make an x-ray image to determine the state of the tooth and to see if the decay reached the surrounding structures.

Therapy is given under local anesthesia, making it completely painless for the patient. It starts with the removal of decay and inflamed tooth pulp, as well as cleaning of the root canal to remove bacteria and infected dentin. After widening the canal, we fill it with material that stops infection recurrence. The procedure finishes with crown restoration by aesthetic composite filling or a prosthetic substitute, a crown or a bridge.

Ceramic veneers

For a beautiful and natural smile

Veneers can rid you of aesthetic and health problems and give you a beautiful and natural smile in just a few visits. They solve problems such as spacing between teeth, tooth dislocation or enhance the beauty of cracked or damaged teeth.

Veneers are a permanent prosthetic replacement that attaches to natural teeth. With proper care, they will last 10 to 15 years. Their placement requires minimal reduction of tooth enamel (0,05 mm), and their material feels and acts as normal enamel, even reflecting light in the same way as natural teeth.

After the initial examination, where we will determine the shape and color of veneers, dependent on your wishes, we will trim back the teeth and make temporary veneers out of composite material. After defining prosthetic work, the procedure is finalized by cementing the ceramic veneers.

There is no recovery period after veneer placement. You can resume your normal activities right away. Special care must be taken with oral hygiene to avoid gum receding which will disrupt the achieved harmony.

Zoom Advanced Power teeth whitening

A pearly white smile in just one visit

Natural aging of your body along with lifestyle can significantly alter the color of your teeth. Many everyday activities add to this process, especially bad nutrition, smoking, drinking coffee, tea, and red wine. Whitening process can bring back the shine and whiteness to your teeth. Treatment is comfortable, painless and safe, completely supervised by your dentist.

ZOOM Advanced Power teeth whitening treatment makes your teeth up to 8 shades whiter in just 45 minutes. The results are long lasting with none, or minimal increase in sensitivity in patients.

Treatment is recommended only when teeth are healthy, with no decay or plaque.

After a thorough protection of gums, whitening gel is applied (nitrogen peroxide) and Zoom lamp is switched on in three series of 15 minutes. After the procedure, the protection is removed, gel washed out and teeth desensitizer applied. You can enjoy your new, shiny smile for over a year, if you follow the instructions for oral hygiene and take care of your nutritional habits.

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